Bizarre Scientific Claims Show That Your Thoughts Have Almost Everything To Do With Your Health


“Watch an ice skater … there are things they can do that are not describable, in terms of nerve impulse.”

If you think you have incurable disease you are right. If you think your problem is curable then you are also right.

Medicine turned in the right direction. It started looking up in the direction of the brain, instead of looking outwards.

Badly interpreted life sequences and situations cause turbulence in the brain which sends negative responses throughout the whole body.

As we know, the human is perfect mechanism only if we treat it perfect. It can be done by feeding the brain with positive thoughts.

Nikola Tesla in this interview perfectly describes the causes and cures of disease:

“The spirit can cure most diseases. As a student I got sick of cholera which raged in the region of Lika. I was cured because my father finally allowed me to study technology, which was my life.”

Everyone perceives information’s from different perspective. Because of that, same information can cause different (positive and negative) responses in the body. This connects with almost everything we surround ourselves with.

We need to see every misfortune as a lesson in the future. Either we learn from our life situations, or we let destiny determine our way. Health, too, depends on this fact, and now we have science rummaging around it.

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Image source: Wikimedia