We Should All Know These 7 Things About Our Blood Type!


All humans and many other primates can be typed for the ABO blood group. There are four principal types: A, B, AB, and O. There are two antigens and two antibodies that are mostly responsible for the ABO types. The specific combination of these four components determines an individual’s type in most cases.

There are countless of aspects we shouldn’t take for granted according to one’s blood group.

Here are 7 shocking facts that’ll definitely leave you in awe according to the blood type running through your veins:

1. Your blood type affects what food you should be eating.

As confirmed by naturopath Peter J. D’Adamo, various blood types result in varying nutritional needs.

People with Type O blood tend to have digestion and stomach problems. As such, they require a high-protein diet with plenty of lean meat, poultry, fish and vegetables.

Type A individuals have a sensitive immune system and should eat lots of citrus and vegetables like broccoli, spinach and garlic.

People with Type B blood tend to produce higher than normal cortisol (stress hormone) levels. As such, they should avoid trans fats, vegetable oils and alcohol.

Type AB individuals typically lack in stomach acid. They should consume things like apple cider vinegar and manuka honey to raise stomach acid levels and ensure proper digestion.

2. Your blood type affects your personality.

This as actually been known for quite some time in Asian medicine.

Type A blood tend to be kind, compassionate individuals that put other people’s needs before their own. Type B blood is often found in individuals who are outgoing, friendly and emotionally flexible.

Type AB individuals tend to be rational and strong, with very little worry. Type O individuals, on the other hand, tend to worry a lot and are very practical and organized.

3. Blood type also affects fertility.

Studies have shown that women with Type O blood tend to be the least fertile.

The study, which looked at several women in their 30s, found that women with that blood type either contain few eggs or eggs that have a hard time maintaining fertility.

4. Stressed or angry all the time? Check your blood type!

Because people with Type A blood produce more cortisol than normal, their stress levels also tend to be higher than average.

People with Type O blood are more susceptible to outbursts of anger.

5. Blood type affects the amount of belly fat you have.

Type A blood causes the body to react badly to specific foods like dairy, meat and shellfish. That reaction makes it difficult to lose belly fat.

It also causes acid reflux, an increase in diabetes risk, bloating and indigestion.

6. Blood type also affects your pool of ideal mates.

In addition to ‘letter’ types, blood is also classified as either Rh negative or Rh positive. 85% of all people are Rh positive, and when two Rh+ people mate, things go smoothly.

But problems arise when an Rh negative woman mates with an Rh positive man. This exposes the baby to potential risks. Rarely is it fatal – but it can be.

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7. Knowing your blood type can save your life.

Knowing your blood type is important for a number of reasons.

Say you’re traveling abroad and wind up in a car wreck.

You could require a blood transfusion. But unless you’ve got documentation signifying what your blood type is, doctors won’t be able to quickly tell what kind of blood you need.

Transfusion with a blood type different than your own can lead to a number of complications, some of which can  put your life at risk.

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